12 Golden Rules

Make Your Betting Pay


  1. Knowledge is key.
    Bet only when you have an edge, when you know something that the market hasn’t already taken into account. If you have an edge, you will consistently get “value” and make money.
  2. Shut out the noise and try to concentrate on whatever makes you a successful backer.
    You may have significant data or access to fantastic information that others cannot include in their analysis. Be disciplined and stick to your strengths.
  3. Don’t be put off by big prices.
    If you fancy a 33-1 shot as much as a 5-1 shot, make sure you don’t reduce your stake. Never be afraid to win too much.
  4. Be very careful when following trends.
    This type of analysis is often over bet and nonsensical. It’s incredible how many times I’ve been told a certain age group or weight range cannot win. Results would not have been lucrative.
  5. Don’t be swayed by paddock inspection.
    More often than not it’s misleading and meaningless. It’s impossible to consistently predict how horses will perform on looks. Concentrate on the form and facts.
  6. Blank out all media hype and ridiculous bookmaker rep ramping on the run up to big meetings such as the Cheltenham Festival.
    Take a fresh look after the declarations when other punters are already hampered by pre-conceived ideas.
  1. Try to avoid cashing out when you are in a strong position.
    It’s very tempting to take a profit, but more often than not you will be reducing your long term profits.
  2. Class is king.
    Watch for the class drop. Those with decent form and figures that drop in grade are often great bets.
  3. Forget ante-post betting.
    It has become a complete waste of time. Bookmakers use it to promote themselves but are not prepared to lay a decent size bet. The market is far too weak and prices rarely represent value. Bet on the day.
  4. Keep a record of all betting business.
    One of the advantages of betting on the Betfair betting exchange is that all bets, profits, losses and totals are listed and recorded for you.
  5. Never chase your losses.
    The most obvious and important rule, but extremely difficult for the majority of punters. There really is always another day. Equally, don’t be afraid of losing runs. Stay confident, a loser is only the next step to a big priced winner. Play the long game.
  6. Try not to be greedy.
    Don’t increase your stakes after a profitable period. Start each year with a unit stake and stick with that for 12 months. It is important to stress that betting is all about long term success. You should plan to follow our advice for at least 6 months as a starting point. An annual membership is ideal to make sure that you benefit fully and maximise profits.