How We Work

Rixbets is the UK’s best-known and most successful specialist horse racing tipster.

With access to a mix of highly significant statistical data analysis and an extensive list of invaluable contacts throughout the industry, Rixbets provides with outstanding information and tips to ensure major profits can be made for members.


    • Selections are sent to members by text or via notifications on Telegram – you place the bets.
    • We recommend roughly 2 to 3 Main Line bets and between 1 and 3 high strike rate Bet Bomb bets per week during the year. We work on a 1 to 5 point staking system on both the Main Line and for Bet Bomb bets. The average stake is 2 points.
    • We bet at £200 per point and above, but members can allocate any amount they wish. The majority of clients bet at least £20 per point. We recommend a healthy starting betting bank of 100 points (e.g. £20 per point = £2,000).
    • You will have access to our excellent and informative FREE Telegram channel. And you can choose to receive bets via notifications from out dedicated Bet Bomb or Ultimate VIP (the full exclusive package) channels.
    • In order to place the bets, it’s important that you open accounts with as many bookmakers as possible and are prepared to bet on the betting exchanges such as Betfair.
    • The odds comparison site oddschecker is a good place to find most of the leading bookmakers
    • We use Twitter and Telegram notifications to alert members when selections are about to be sent via text.


Members have made outstanding gains, particularly in recent years after major changes behind the scenes.

Our tech developers have significantly increased the betting value of our various form models for both Flat and Jump racing.

We have seen major improvement in our statistical analysis and strongly believe that this will have an extremely positive effect on future profits.

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